Support the Off And Racing team raise money for MS

May 14, 2019

Almost 12 months ago our Racing Manager, Sharnee Rose, made it public that she had been living with Multiple Sclerosis for some time and had decided to participate in the MS Walk + Fun Run. Sharnee with her team of supporters ended up the second highest Victorian fundraiser which was not only a great result for MS, but also a positive step for Sharnee who had hidden her condition from most people since her diagnosis several years ago.

Ellerton Zahra Racing is proud to be sponsoring OFF AND RACING for 2019 which includes some of our team in Sharnee, Jadey and Erin all participating in the event on Sunday, 2nd June.

Everyone is welcome to join the Off And Racing team and if you can raise $200 by 22nd May we'll give you an EZR t-shirt to walk in. Alternatively if you'd like to DONATE to this great cause just click the MS logo below and it will take you to our team page.

MS Walk + Fun Run