Stephanie Thornton joins EZR

Apr 18, 2019

Promising jockey Stephanie Thornton will join Ellerton Zahra Racing as the stable apprentice on a three-month loan in the coming days.

Thornton has earned her chance to work with Ellerton Zahra Racing horses on a daily basis because of her strong work ethic and her talent with even the most difficult of horses.

Thornton can ride at all levels of the weight scale and will have plenty of opportunities to boost her win tally for the stable in the next three months, but her term could easily be extended.

“Steph is a pleasure to deal with around the stable,” Simon Zahra said.

“She’s happy to ride as many as we need in work and she just loves the horses and her riding so we’re sure she’ll be an asset around the place.

“Steph is going to get plenty of opportunities, especially during the winter months, but her strong work ethic will give her every chance to be a success for the stable.

“We’ve had her on quite a few of our horses in 2019 and she has always left a positive impression with the owners and staff that have worked with her, so we’re thrilled to have her on board.”

Thornton, who claims 2kg in town, said she was pleased Zahra and training partner Mathew Ellerton took plenty of time to look at all angles before deciding to take her on as the stable’s latest apprentice.

Thornton follows Damian Lane and Katelyn Mallyon, who rode Group I winners after being apprenticed to the successful Flemington trainers.

“Matty and Simon have always supported me, but I went back in and started riding work for them and gave Simon a call and asked if they were interested in having an apprentice,” Thornton said.

“It was good because they took a couple of weeks to think about it. They didn’t just jump straight in.

“They said they can’t offer me the world, but they can support me, which is all I can ask.”

“I’ve got until November this year to go in my apprenticeship, but we’ll see how outriding my city claim goes. I might apply to extend my time,” Thornton said.

“I’ll do the three-month loan at Matty and Simon’s and see how we go.”