Our Team

Matthew Ellerton, Trainer

Mathew is a hands on trainer who works closely with his partner Simon Zahra and their team at Ellerton Zahra Racing. Mathew maintains a boutique size stable to ensure each horse is given the time and care needed and he can focus on each individually.

Simon Zahra, Trainer

Simon Zahra is also a licenced trainer and has joined Mat Ellerton in a training partnership. He has extensive racing experience, with over 12 years of working in the racing industry. He would be happy to speak to you at any time.

Sharnee Rose, Racing Manager

Sharnee has been the Racing Manager at Ellerton Zahra Racing for the last 4 years and has been invaluable contributing to the growth and success of the Ellerton Zahra team. Sharnee has a marketing background and has always been involved in racing in some form since childhood. She grew up riding and competing horses but now has little time to do so with the demands racing, but she owns, breeds and races a number of thoroughbreds with her family and friend